Youth programmes

Equipping youth with skills for life


Youth Collective
Most of the children who participated in Balsena wanted to continue serving their communities. So they got together and formed their own youth collective called Tarunsena for those aged 17-25. They mentor current Balsena members and volunteer at all our events, and serve as a crucial bridge between children, the community, and Shaishav. A handful of Tarunsena members also serve as full-time staff at Shaishav.
In addition to helping facilitate Balsena activities, Tarunsena members run our growing Area Resource Center. This center serves as the hub of community intervention programs, vocational training programs, academic support, and several other computer related services that are otherwise not available in the community.
The very creation of Tarunsena is a testament to our sustainable impact on the children we work with—they learned from Balsena how to collectivise and how to be the change they wanted to be. Tarunsena members lead many of Shaishav's programs and field programs including Balsena and Lokshala's. These youth go on to become leaders in their community, empowering others to do the same.

Area Resource Center

Yuva-Setu, also known as the Area Resource Center located in Khumbarawada is a Tarunsena initiative and acts as a learning space for youth and children of the community.
The centre offers short-term courses on computer fundamentals, basics of computing and programming. It also houses a library and multimedia room for children in the community.
The centre has so far trained over 200 youth in computer skills, and the library serves hundreds of children in the community.