In 1995, in Bhavnagar, southwest part of Gujarat, India, we found 12,813 child laborers. 60% of who were earning less than 500 rupees. 68% of these children never went to school. This was largest child labor study ever done by any grass – roots organization in India, laying foundations for ‘Shaishav’ (‘childhood’). Child labor deprives children of a joyful and dignified childhood, and strips the prospects of social, economic mobility and freedoms to determine ones life, which undermines the foundation of any healthy society. For the last 20 years, we are working for and with children, to secure a platform for their holistic development, to strengthen their communities and to ensure efficiency of a child rights framework, at the local,state and international levels.



Shaishav, which means childhood in Gujarati and many other Indian languages, is a volunteer organisation committed to the rights of children. Our focus is on child labour and we believe that quality education is one of the most effective means to keep children out of labour force and ensure child rights.

We work in Bhavnagar city an district in the state of Gujarat, India.


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