Child protection

Ensuring the right to a safe and happy childhood

Our child protection program strives to equip every child in Bhavnagar with the knowledge of how to ask for help and who to contact. In addition to teaching vulnerable children how to protect themselves, we conduct outreach across the city to so that all citizens are aware of the resources available to support children in need. Following our participatory approach to all we do, we have also worked alongside children to develop a district-wide child protection policy that is now implemented in all schools in the area.

Child safety net

Citizen groups trained in child protection policies
As part of our holistic approach to child safety and protection, we have mobilized community members ranging from doctors to rickshaw drivers to be on the lookout for signs of abuse and child rights violations. They raise their concerns to us, and our team then deals with the situation, involving the appropriate authorities. We have also helped establish child protection committees comprised of parents and other community members that know how to provide support when a child in need approaches them.

Child line 1098

24x7 Child helpine for children in need
To better serve children who are in need of care and protection, we partner with the Childline India Foundation. Shaishav counselors and social workers provide a 24/7 helpline, counseling and information services to children, parents or others interested in children’s rights or reporting abuse. When children are lost, abused, need medical attention, or just need someone to talk to about their stress of upcoming exams, we are here to help.

Child safety audit

Child-led community action
Balsena (our children's collectives) regularly conduct child safety walks that survey their communities, drawing maps that pinpoint areas that might be unsafe for children. Together, they analyze and verify the information. This is part of a larger child safety audit. They use the information from the audit to lobby local government officials to address and fix the problems.