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As the children that we work with are the driving force behind all of Shaishav’s programmes, we decided that it was important to feature their views on this website alongside pages written by our staff members. Here you can find the children’s own reasons for being a part of Shaishav.

Dipak, 17 years old, lives in Khedudvas

“Shaishav is like water in a desert to those children who are denied their opportunity to develop. Children are the future of any society so it is vital that they are able to grow up in a healthy, protective environment. This is not happening in this country. It is for this reason that Shaishav created Balsena and Tarunsena. Shaishav make a powerful contribution towards children’s empowerment.”

Drushti, 15 years old, lives in Chitra

“For the last five years I have been a part of Balsena. I love Balsena because there is no discrimination or distinction between caste, creed, class or religion. We involve children who go to school, children who don’t, children that are labourers and those who are not. All can join Balsena. Shaishav works in various areas. I have benefited a lot from Balsena programmes. I feel more able to do the things I want without fear or hesitation. I can live independently from my parents. I can more confidently talk about the situation of children in Bhavnagar, Gujarat and even India.”

Dinesh, 18 years old, lives in Kumbharwada

“Everything I learn, know and enjoy in Balsena and Tarunsena is immeasurable. Not only that but I made new friends, gained an education up to 12th standard, became president of Balsena and have a deeper understanding of my aim in life, which is to achieve as much as I can. I will work for children and elders by living with them until my last breath.”

Hetal, 17 years old, lives in Kumbharwada

“Shaishav is a very good organisation for children. It is made up of children themselves. Balsena is able to give children a chance at getting their true rights. Balsena helps to develop children through different activities. It also helps the children to leave child labour and find their way into education. Balsena not only listens to the questions of children but then helps them to find the answers… In short Balsena helps children to achieve their rights to education and a child labour free life.”

Rahul, 16 years old, lives in Deepak Chowk

“After joining Balsena, I came to know “what is child labour” and also learn how to make my own future. That is why I love Balsena and Shaishav.”

Daksha Borisa, 16 years old, lives in Anandnagar

“Shaishav is the organisation that works for children. Child labourers and school children join this organisation. Balsena children are just one part of Shaishav. The children in Balsena are trained by staff members and do many different types of activities. Through Shaishav children learn lots of information about their rights.”

Mehul, 17 years old, lives in Bhista

“Shaishav is a children’s rights organisation. It works for children. Balsena is part of Shaishav. Balsena strives for the right to get love and affection from your family, to a child labour free society, to every child having education and for all children to be allowed to have their right to participation.”

Dhaksha Makvana, 16 years old, lives in Khedudvas

“In Shaishav I have enjoyed the Child Right Audit experience. In the CRA we got information from our different areas and learnt about all the problems that children had. I like doing children’s activities very much. I love play for peace games and when we watch movies and visit lots of different places. I also like all the trainings that Shaishav give us, like Wen-li-do self defence training. It is very fun! Balsena has helped me to be independent and before I joined I never had the opportunity to leave the house.”

Ravinderit, 16 years old, lives in Dipakchowk

“Shaishav is a child rights organisation that works for child rights and Balsena works to organise and empower these children. Our organisation strives for child rights and for children to get love and affection from their families. I want a free society where there is no child labour and every child gets education. Balsena lets us participate in gaining rights for each and every child.”

Dahksha Solanki, 17 years old, lives in Khedudvas

“Through Balsena I have come to know all about the difficulties of being a girl and how this struggle isn’t fair. I appreciate the Wen-li-do self defence training they provide. I really enjoy the opportunity to work with children of all ages that being part of Shaishav gives me. No matter what I say, my words cannot express my love for this organisation.”

Nehal, 15 years old, lives in Khedudvas

“I like the Child Right Audit that Balsena is doing. We collect information from the children about their problems. I love going on visits with Balsena, we visit different places and receive training such as Wen Li Do. In Shaishav there is a vacation camp for Balsena and Balghar. There are so many different activities, so I like Shaishav.”

Manisha, 14 years old, lives in Khedudvas

“Children decide everything that happens in Balsena, like what they are doing, training, programmes etc. Playtime is involved in all activities and children make all the choices. Adults help us to do this. I do Wen-li-do training, I learn in Balghar and I have lots of fun in circle point weekend meetings. Shaishav is working with children who are studying or children who are working or children that don’t do any of them. They offer children their rights!”

Tabassum, 17 years old, lives in Kumbharwada

“Shaishav is an organisation that works on child rights. There are two different departments, ‘Balsena’ and ‘Tarunsena’. I feel that I improve my inner strength with Shaishav. Balsena teaches the children who must go to work and organises circle point and Balghar. Balsena raises the issue of child rights at an international level. I cannot forget Balsena and Tarunsena. I love Shaishav. In short, Shaishav = child development.”

Riddhi, aged 15, lives in Chitra

“My name is Riddhi. I have been a Balsena member for 4 years and I study in 10th standard. I like Balsena because it teaches about child rights and child labour and does things like the Child Right Audit. There are so many new activities done in Balsena. I got much benefit from joining Balsena. I got to know about the problems children face and about child rights. The training that Shaishav give us makes us courageous and fearless so I can wander anywhere freely and be independent. I am taking new decisions by myself now. It is due to Balsena that I have reached this position.”

Vipul, aged 17 and Yusuf, also 17, both from Kumbharwada

“We like Shaishav because it is doing activities with children. In vacation camp Shaishav does many programmes for child development. In our Balghar we learn extra knowledge and work to help children to grow in every way. We made many new friends through Shaishav and Balsena. This organisation trains children and these children go on to train other children. This is why we love Shaishav.”

Isha, 13, Ambawadi

“I joined Balsena through my parents (The Executive Directors), though at first I was too young I still participated in Balsena activities until I joined officially when I was 8 years old. I wanted to join Balsena because I was interested in its activities. I was brought up in the environment of Balsena. I like to take leadership in Balsena and I enjoy participating in the various programmes.
Balsena is working in underprivileged areas of Bhavnagar city and the children living here do not have access to various services and facilities.

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