In 2008 we formed youth collective – Tarunsena. Pulling both from Balsena graduates as well as the communities in which we work, Tarunsena members range from 18-25. Majorityis from underprivileged areas that lack basic amenities such as water and electricity; most of them have no access to a higher education. Tarunsena provides these youth with a platform for leadership and life skills development, personal growth and collective strength.

Tarunsena is committed to develop professional skills enabling youth to compete in a job market, allowing social and economic mobility and prosperity.

Youth are involved:

Entrepreneurship – managing of Area Resource Center (ARC), based in Bhavnagar’s largest slum – Kumberwada, which provide computing and English classes to children and youth, as well as information about government support schemes to communities members. Under this program youth also facilitates Balsena activities.

Nanabhai Bhatt Fellowship – youth are receiving regular life skills and child rights training and are working for Balsena. Fellowship enables youth to develop professional skills and receive work experience. Youth are provided with stipend, which eases their financial responsibilities and enables them to continue higher education.

Tarunsena members are committed to create a better future for themselves and communities. We are hoping that Tarunsena will register with government to become an independent, community – based organization.