Quality Education Programme

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Our long-term strategy is to sustain and replicate our methods and support the maximum level of schools we are able to reach out to within our capacity, without losing the quality aspect of our work. Thus we plan to use 17 urban and 10 rural schools as model schools so the same concept can be replicated in other schools. We hope to provide each child who attends school with the motivation to learn and continue studying through quality education and empowerment.

What do we mean by quality education? From our experience we have critically assessed the areas of weakness within each subject and we will create improved material using our knowledge and experience. We will also learn from experiments by others organisations and tailor material to our local needs. Our material will focus on engaging the child and providing methods which will improve his/her understanding of the subject. We will provide each school with the necessary training to use this material in schools.

In addition we will create a core group of influential teachers who are enthusiastically willing to improve education in school. These teachers will be our partners in developing the materials and will prove to be critical in motivating colleagues and other teachers to achieve their maximum and take responsibility so that children are provided with the best education possible. By focusing on the positive work the teachers are currently doing we hope to build good relationships so as to work with the current system rather than as a substitute. Teachers are key to the success of advancing education in schools and sustaining and up-scaling the quality education concept.

Our experience in the model schools will determine how best we shall progress. We will prioritise working with schools in areas where education is the poorest, where most children are child labourers and are most in need of motivation to learn.

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