Our Work

children raising hands.jpgWe don’t  just work for children, we work with them. A participatory approach is the best methodology for empowering children to find and use their voice. We  implement all programs and activities with the child’s perspective in mind. Children and youth are usually  the ones driving the action and leading discussions.  Shaishav staff serve more as a facilitator of activities and programs, providing ideas, feedback, and guidance as needed.

Our Programs

Balsena is our children’s collective. Within this program we have a child saving’s bank, gender programming, and weekly meetings focusing on different aspects of child rights.

Tarunsena is our youth-led group. Comprised of Balsena graduates, these passionate young adults support facilitation of Balsena activites.

Lok Samarthan Manch is our community collective for parents and other adults.

All of our community programs aim to empower citizens, primarily children, to fight for their rights. We are committed to campaigning against child labour, discrimination and social injustice.

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