Krupa’s Experience

My experience with Shaishav was an extraordinary life journey which I will always cherish. For the first time I saw value in speaking Gujarati. When I was young my mother forced me to speak Gujarati at home and didn’t appreciate it at that time. However, after volunteering with Shaishav for about six months I realized the value of speaking the language. I was able to connect and build a good relationship with the children by performing songs in Gujarati that I learnt whilst I was growing up in Kenya. The children were such source of inspiration to me. I will not forget that one experience in particular. One day, a boy was asked by a CARE staff if he had any issues while he was waiting in a queue to fill up some water. His answer was that “yes, I have to wait in a queue to fetch water but it is not a big deal, children in another village don’t get to bath for weeks.” This child’s understanding and maturity allowed me to appreciate life in a different way. Not only did my placement with Shaishav enable me to learn so much about myself, I also learnt a great deal from Parulben, Falgunbhai, staff and children about ways to work and connect with children, various educational activities and creative ideas etc. I used some of the songs I learnt in India when I was a US Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa. It was interesting to observe that children are same in every part of the world. It was my honor and privilege to be part of such dynamic organization with such wonderful, amazing, gracious, outstanding and remarkable staff, children, Parulben and Falgunbhai. I think words cannot express how I felt about my experiences with Shaishav it was just extraordinary.