We have two main sources of photos. Older photos can be viewed on our flickr page, while newer photos can be seen on Shaishav’s Facebook page. Direct links to each album on our Facebook page are included below:

Mobile Resource Centres (June 2012)

Converted buses that are used both to transport children and provide educational books, games and activities

Council Leadership Camp (May 2012)

2-day residential Leadership Camp provided for members of the Balsena Council in the village of Hathab, near the coast

Kishori Samelan (Adolescent Girls Summit) (March 2012)

Summit where adolescent girls participate in activities and discussions surrounding the physical, mental and social changes they experience during puberty

Balsena Annual Function 2012 (February 2012)

Photos from the Annual Function of Balsena, Shaishav’s children’s collective and flagship programme

Bhavnagar Life (December 2011)

A collection of photos taken from around the city of Bhavnagar by ex-volunteer Jess Hattersley

Navratri (October 2011)

Children attend a Garba for the Hindi festival of Navratri

Photo’s by Jess Hattersley (May-August 2011)

A collection of photos taken by former Shaishav volunteer Jess Hattersley during her time here

Play for Peace Leadership Workshop (August 2011)

Training session conducted by Shaishav staff at the NGO Anjali, in the village of Ranasan, North Gujarat

Gopnath Beach Exposure Visit (August 2011)

Tarunsena members and Shaishav staff participated in an exposure visit to Gopnath, on the south coast of Gujarat

Play for Peace Orientation Workshop (July 2011)

2-day training workshop for staff working for a variety of NGOs working in Gujarat, led by Shaishav and Play for Peace volunteer Kathryn Kylee

NASSCOM Graduation Ceremony (July 2011)

Photos of children graduating from NASSCOMs computing courses

Vacation Camp Closing Ceremony (June 2011)

In the closing ceremony of Shaishav’s summer vacation camp, Balsena members participated in dancing, singing, and speeches

Photo’s by Martin Prihoda (2010)

Thank you to Martin Prihoda for taking these fantastic photos of children in Bhavnagar, and of Shaishav’s work

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