Sonal Bariya

Sonal is the eldest of 5 sisters. Her parents are economically deprived. Her father was operated for kidney stones and hence is unable to physically exert himself. After passing 6th standard Sonal left school and started working. She is a self confident and interacts well with different people. She readily takes on responsibility and uses her initiative. She is very brave and strong. She actively participates in any dance, drama or creative activities. She has been attending Mafatnager CEC, TingaToli since she was in 2nd standard; she has recently been elected as the President of the Bal Sena.

Due to the situation at home, Sonal has to work and is unable to study to further. She satisfies her desire to study by regularly attending the CECs. She wants to ensure that her younger sisters get the opportunity to study.

She participated in National Convention of Girl Child Labourers organised by CACL in Mysore. She spoke about the difficulties of plastic rope making and child labour to a jury. She was in the delegation with four other girls to present the verdict of the Convection to the Honourable President Kalam. She was disappointed that the Honourable President could not answer her question about why Child Labour exists. She feels that if some who holds so much responsibility is unable to answer her question, then who will be able to help.

Sonal was elected as one of four children to represent Child Rights for World Social Forum (CR4WSF) held in Brazil in January 2005.

Shaishav is working with Sonal and her parents to find a way for her to follow her dream and study further.