Sohil Shaikh

Sohil started coming to our Community Education Centered when it started in Mafatnagar area of Kumbharwada. He was an average student but was a very active in all the developmental activities. Particularly he was fond of songs, storytelling and dance.

His father Rahimbhai is masoner and works as causal labour. Mother Hasinaben was a housewife and Sohil is eldest in the family. He participated regularly in various leadership camps. Once he was elected to go to Delhi in training program. He was also elected to represent CACL in UN assembly, which got cancelled due to 9/11 accident.

When he finished is seventh standard, there was bit hesitance in parents to send him to high school but with our persuasion and support he went to high school. By then he himself was motivated in studying so continued his studies along with part time work in plastic factory to contribute to his family. For his tuition fees and other education expenses he would work on Sunday in a bakery. When all his friends left studies, he continued left his studies.

Due to all this pressure he failed in 10th std. It was very difficult for him to continue thereafter. So he started working fulltime. But our worker kept going to his house and motivated him to reappear for the exams. He also talked to the parents but his parents wanted him to keep contributing to household kitty.

Finally we took him to the office with the condition that he would learn and work on computer and support in office work related to banking, post, Xerox, purchase etc. For rest of the half day he would study at office itself and will go to his tuition class. Within this new arrangement he could work and study better. If he needed some more money he would work on Sunday at Bakery. Like this he passed his 10th standard.

By then he was totally motivated and to continue his higher secondary he left Shaishav work. But he kept live touch and would come to read at office and for any other support. He got 70% marks in his 12th standard in commerce stream. It was not only a big achievement for him and his family but for all of us. We helped him to take care an admission in one very good college.

Immediately after his 12th std. exam he joined Shaishav once again but this time as a worker. He is now working as a Lokshishak in the centre where he himself was a student. He is also very active in process of forming Tarunsena.

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