Play for Peace

Shaishav has been working with Play for Peace since 2009 and has become the regional hub for Play for Peace activities in India. Play for Peace is an organisation that aims to bring together children, youths and organisations from divided communities using cooperative play to create mutual respect and understanding as well as a healthy amount of fun and laughter! Play for Peace works in locations as diverse as Guatemala, Israel and Northern Ireland, and we have found that their activities and games work well in the setting in which Shaishav works.

Bhavnagar, like many communities in India, is divided in terms of caste, gender, religion and status. As well as leading to discrimination and prejudice these divisions prevent the unity and strength needed to solve widespread poverty and inequality. Play for Peace has enabled Shaishav to involve children from all different backgrounds in our activities with games that discourage conflict and promote lasting friendships between children who otherwise would never have connected.

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