Human Rights Training for Tarunsena camp

For more than 10 years. Shaishav has facilitated child right trainings for Shaishav’s children’s collective members, known as Balsena. These children leave well equipped with knowledge about their rights, mechanism to safeguard their freedoms and dignities and methods to protect themselves and their peers. From 2008 Shaishav has expanded our reach and started actively working with a youth, through our youth collective – Tarunsena. While young people periodically refresh their understanding of human rights in various trainings organized by Shaishav, the human rights camp organized on 20-23 May was the first in-depth human rights training for Tarunsena youth.

DSC_0323 DSC_0320 DSC_0090

22 members participated in a 4 -day training, which aimed to increase knowledge about human rights, the Indian constitution and democracy. Shaishav believes this knowledge to be vital for a youth to develop into active citizens, who can contribute to societal change. Trainings were delivered in friendly and interactive spaces, giving youth ‘plenty of room’ to participate, building their leadership and communication skills.

A number of professionals, including Shaishav’s board members, educators, political leaders and professional trainers came together to share their knowledge with a young people. To name some of them: Parul Sheth, Falgun Sheth, Arvind Trivedi, Bipin Shah, Dhiru Dhandhukiya, Arun Mehta, Dhiren Vaishnav and Daksha Pattni. Their presentations included topics such as: human rights, leadership building, time – management and motivational speaking. Shaishav is very grateful to have a network of such a committed individuals!

DSC_0314 DSC_0086 DSC_0096

Youth participated in various activities, which aimed to apply theoretical knowledge to personal experiences. For example, they had to visualize themselves in 2025 and analyze their future using SLOT analyses (strength, limitations, opportunities and threat/challenges). These activities were exciting and scary! Please feel free to try this at home…
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After four days of training, youth felt more confident about their futures and were able to set up realistic goals. ‘I did not wanted to come to this camp, but now I am happy I came; my understanding had developed and my goals became clearer’ said one of the participants. Shaishav aims to make a human rights camp an annual function!


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