Today, all Indians celebrate labor day, to honor the achievements of the workers – the women and men. At Shaishav, we celebrate the achievements of child workers, not because we want to, but because we have to, because these children exist, because they deserve recognition more than any other workers. Therefore, today we gathered children from our community to dance, to play, to eat ice cream, and to encourage them to stop working. We encourage you today, tomorrow and every day to work towards child labor free world, so that every day for these child laborers would be like their day today: full of laughter, friendship and dignity.

See our website for brilliant suggestions from Shaishav staff on how to stop child labor!


Here are some suggestions from our brilliant staff on how to stop child labor.

Play to persuade:

• Form child rights collectives (like Balsena) to prevent child labor
• Plan fun active-based learning activities for children during school holidays, as this is when child labor increases

Engage with employers:

• Give public awards to business owners who don’t use child labourers
• Create opportunities for employers to meet children and understand the difficulties they face when employed/missing out on school.
• Constantly engage with employers at all levels, to discourage child labour

Pressure the government to:

• Enforce the anti-child labour act
• Extend the child labour law to cover children aged 14-18.
• Provide a minimum wage for parents, as low household income is a key-driving factor.
• Remove the clause that says children can work for four hours or less in the anti-child labour law
• Implement and finance full school days since the half day school system creates opportunity for labor
• Work towards a quality common education system (a system with government schools rather than private schools)

Help schools to:

• Effectively implement the Right to Education Act in their school
• End abuse in schools, which leads to higher drop-out rates
• Concentrate on keeping girls in school

Tell parents:

• That by age 30-40 these children will not be able to work because of the damage done to their bodies, and may not even be able to provide for their ageing parents.
• Explain for parents what is and isn’t child labour : working in a father’s shop sometimes is still child labour.
• To stop giving promising children that if they work a certain number of days they will receive a gift
• About family planning services so they can reduce financial burden of children on low-income families
• About the parents of school-going children in their area and how they have managed it
• About government subsidies available for single parent families because it is these families that are more vulnerable to child labour
• About financial planning tools and methods for low-income families to plan expenditure so they don’t need the wages of a child labourer

labor7Child labor day


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