Dream a Dream

DSCN0604The Shaishav Team, learning more about themselves in the life skills activity “Beautiful You.”

On Friday, October 18th, Dream a Dream arrived in Bhavnagar to facilitate a two-day “Dream Teacher Development” Life Skills Training with Shaishav’s Balsena, Tarunsena and Community Teams, totaling about 30 individuals. The training, named “Dream Teacher Development,” was given by Vishal, one of the founders and Executive Director of Dream a Dream, and Nisha, a seasoned Dream a Dream trainer. Five goals were set for this two-day workshop:

  1. To Gain a deeper understanding of ourself
  2. Experience and understand my life skills
  3. Explore our creativity
  4. To build a supportive community
  5. To have fun!

We began by creating community agreements and then did some “ice breakers” or “energizers,” to start the day. Activities over the next two days included everything from theater and improvisation games, which taught empathy and relating with others, to art-based activities. Some of my favorites included “Beautiful You,” where we all outlined our bodies on large pieces of paper and filled in our outlines with positive qualities about ourselves, as well as our closing game, the “Poetry Process.”

The Poetry Process began with a word. Each person thought up one word that was a metaphor for themself. To give an example, mine was “suraj,” or sun; other individuals picked metaphors that ranged from “river and ocean” to “paintbrush.” Then we were divided into groups, and each group picked one metaphor. My group picked “the stars,” others picked metaphors such as “smile.”

Following this, each person did a five-minute free writing session about their group metaphor. We all picked three of our favorite sentences from the free write and combined them to create a poem for each group. Then, each group performed their poem using song, dance and props.

Throughout the training, the team came back together and reflected on the activities. People shared stories about their past, reflected on the activities in the present, and how we could use these activities to be better field workers and life skills trainers in the future. Participants left with both an increased awareness of themselves and a closer bond with each other. We are looking forward to Dream a Dream’s second round of training!


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