The 200 Pound Push – Help Us Reach More Supporters


Today sees the launch of our 200 Pound Push specifically for all our supporters based in the United Kingdom. By raising only £200 on the UK GlobalGiving site, we will be able to launch Shaishav on its sister site in the United States. Helping us with this will spread the work of Shaishav to a far greater audience and provide our American supporters with a way to donate in dollars, avoiding expensive currency conversions.

Why £200? Our last eighteen months on have been highly successful, with our dedicated UK supporters raising nearly £3,000. Securing a permanent place on GlobalGiving in the UK was tough, as it required £2,000 to be raised in one month. Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we exceeded this aim, but the target for the American site is greater; the equivalent of US$5,000 must be raised on the UK site first before our project will be accepted on the American site. We are £200 short of this amount.

As well as helping us expand our reach in the United States, your donation will go directly towards improving the lives of children in Gujarat. With £200, we could educate 150 girls in topics sorely lacking in schools: equal rights, child marriage, wenlido self-defence and issues affecting pubescent girls. Together, we can build a more equal and tolerant society.

It is easy to donate a one-off or recurring sum of any amount to Shaishav, and you will then receive project reports every quarter to update you with our latest work and photos. It is also easy to set up a fundraiser profile on the site and link it to Shaishav. Let us suggest holding a Gujarati-themed charity meal for your friends and family!

Our UK page can be reached easily through the box on the right of this page or by visiting it directly.

Thank you for your generous help.


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