Global Giving Gateway Challenge

Between 2nd April and 2nd May, we will be participating in Global Giving UK’s Gateway Challenge, and incredible chance for us to raise money for our programmes. We will be attempting to raise at least £2000 from at least 50 individual donors. If we are successful, we will be given a permanent place on the Global Giving UK website, enabling us to continue to receive donations through the website, and significantly benefiting our work.

£7 will allow a child to attend Balsena for a year

£19 will provide three Balsena teams with 25-book educational libraries

£37 will provide a girl with a bicycle, enabling her to attend school and participate in other activities

£95 will cover all the costs of a 2-day Leadership Camp for children

£127 will provide 6 months of college tuition fees for one youth

We would be hugely grateful for any money that you can spare. After 2nd April, you will be able to donate by clicking here. Once the challenge has started we will provide more information, and keep you up-to-date on our progress.


One thought on “Global Giving Gateway Challenge

  1. satishjhaolpc

    I have worked in this space for a while and I find that while doing anything is better than doing nothing, patchwork does not help much.

    India has been busy applying ointment to the wounds that are caused by the cancer of ignorance they do not understand. There are no wise men who understand that these surface wounds are caused by cancer and they need someone who understands the disease rather than look for some instant palliatives.

    For the same amount of money we spend on mid-day meals per child, we can help a child become who they may want to become and may have the potential for. Why not address the real problem? Why just put an ointment where it does little?

    Try One Laptop per Child and it may help you transform the lives of children.


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