Shaishav Support Group

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Shaishav Support Group

Shaishav has completed its operation for more than one and half decades now. But we have a long way to go. It is very important that Shaishav does not become person oriented but a system base organization.

We have making very sincere efforts to develop the second line leadership from among the team members who are at senior level and / or waking with us since long. More ever , we thought that we can extend it to those ex-team members who had contributed significantly in development of Shaishav and who are still in live touch with us.

A meeting of Shaishav support forum was organized on 12th and  13th November 2010 with present and ex-team members. Right from the first employee Dhirubhai Bariya to the new one were there. Many of them met each other for the first time.

In this two days meeting, the old members shared about the history vis-a vis memorable experience and the new ones updated them about the present programs. We discussed at length about how to move forward in future. We also discussed how they can contribute and support to Shaishav. Almost all of them promised that they are ready to provide whatever support is needed to  Shaishav. Thus these two day not only helped in birding the gap and  sharing information among old and new ones but also reminded lots of memory. It helped to reassure to carry the process forward with same spirit and values.

Falicitation of Old Committed Team Member

We had read somewhere that the beauty of peacock is in its feathers. Like wise any voluntary organization is judged based on its team. Shaishav is very lucky that it has get many dedicated. Hard working, honest and committed team members who had deep love care and concern for children. Few have stayed with us and many have moved on.

We are very happy that apart from two founder members of Shaishav, now there are five members who are with us from more than one decade. There are three more who have completed more than five years.

Usually we organize “Parivar Milan” (Get together with family of all team members) after diwali. This year the parivar Milan was organized on 13th Nov.2010 at Dolat Anant Valiya School. At this occasion we decided to facilitate these committed members who have contributed significantly in the development of Shaishav.

Shri Suresh Buch (Ex-Director State Bank of Saurashtra of management trainer and consultant) was present an the occasion. He expressed his happiness and appreciated the efforts and commitment of these members and their contribution in development of Shaishav .

Those who completed more than ten years are Ashish Raval, Ashok Patel,Alpesh Parmar Usha Katariya and Nilam Jadav . Those who completed five years a more are Gautam Mundava, Mina Parmar and Bhumi Sheth.

Peter Norris was volunteering with Shaishav since march 2010. He also contributed significantly in documentation work of Shaishav, particularly developing this web-site. 13th nov. was his last day at Shaishav so we look an opportunity to thank him for his valuable contribution, say good-bye and wish him ‘Bright Future’.


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