Weekly Update 13th – 19th October 2010

Given that we are now trying to add details of almost all our activities to the website we have decided to condense it all into a weekly updates section. The update will happen on Tuesdays as that is when we hold our coordination meeting and decide what should go up!

Of course, when we have special activities they will get their own post as usual.

  • On the 14th – 16th October the CRTRC held training with Dharuv Sansta, and organisation that works with adults to provide them with life-skills education. There were 40 participants and we provide them with training based on the various life-skills modules that we offer.
  • Balsena held some team training sessions about the concept of Balsena and the importance of participation, as well as doing some team work and planning activities in which there were 84 children involved.
  • Navratri celebrations were held across India, but especially in the festivals home here in Gujarat. To make sure the children were able to join the fun we held programmes in three areas of the city; Pushka, Kumbharwada and Khedutvas.
  • We held two events this week for women and girls only, the first being our girls fair Kishori Mela and also a women’s workshop called Mahila Samelan. These were attended by 22 and 28 participants respectively.

There should be some photos to add to this pretty soon.


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