Statistical Research and Analysis Training

As part of our continued efforts to keep accurate statistics about the areas in which we work we recently carried out a house-to-house survey across most areas of Bhavnagar. The survey was intended to check on the status of children within each household and included questions about their family (income, ration card status etc) and the children themselves.

We will use the information collected on this survey to target out activities more effectively, making sure we are focusing on the right children and the right areas. It should also help is to judge how successful we have been so far.

The survey was carried out on paper and over 10,000 forms we filled. This data now needs to be entered into a computer and analysed. This part of the process is not only difficult but extremely time-consuming. Due to this, two members of staff attended a special workshop on statistics and analysis using the EPI Info software that was held in Vinoba Ashram, Vadodara.

EPI Info is a software package designed and distributed free of cost by the World Health Organisation that is aimed at non-profit organisations and health care professionals to carry out detailed survey and analysis. We are now able to use the software to construct data entry forms and tables, run detailed analysis programs and create reports based on the results.

We hope to have completed the program in the next few days so we can begin testing a sample of a few hundred forms. As soon as the project is complete we will publish our results on this website. Stay tuned!


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