Lok Samarthan Manch Meeting in Kaparwadi

On Sunday September the 19th a Lok Samarthan Manch meeting was held in the  Kaparwadi area of Bhavnagar which was attended by Swami Tyayvairag Yatandji. Lok Samarthan Manch (meaning “Adult’s Collective” in English) is a community based organisation designed to support Balsena. LSM is made up of local community members who hope to build a more socially responsible and child-friendly society. The meetings are usually designed to allow members of the public to raise issues and problems they have identified within their community and discuss how they may be tackled. As usual, Shaishav staff are on hand to facilitate this process, for example making requests under the Right to Information Act or advising on law and policy. We also provide training and workshops to Lok Samarthan Manch groups throughout the year.

In this particular meeting Swamiji spoke about the importance of community participation as a path to enabling social change, and of his support for Shaishav’s work in general, before taking questions from the Lok Samarthan Manch members. Hopefully a video of the event will be uploaded soon.

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