Pre-primary training with Saath (Ahmedabad)

Between the 15th and 17th of September we hosted a visit from Saath, an organisation based in Ahmedabad that works to create a more inclusive society by empowering India’s urban and rural poor. Saath’s services reach more than 100,000 slum dwellers in Ahmedabad, and many more in other parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Fourteen Saath Field/Community workers came to Bhavnagar to learn about Shaishav’s innovative pre-primary teaching methods and teaching-learning materials. Much of the  training was practical, so the trainees could understand and experience the techniques first-hand. We covered theory as well as practical exercises that included the major subjects, languages, maths and science. The methods we have developed focus on making learning more intuitive to the child and removing some of the blind, text-book based learning of the schools. We use real world examples and scenarios where possible, and try to link themes and subjects so that different topics are not isolated. As the target group of learners are below five years of age, we use a lot of games, songs and story telling as a way to relate ideas and concepts to young children in a way that they can enjoy and understand.

Teaching-Learning materials (TLMs) make up an important part of our Child Rights Training and Resource Centre’s (CRTRC) work. We concentrate on making easy to understand and genuinely useful resources as cheaply as possible. This means many of the materials are made from old or recycled material that is readily available at little or no financial cost. We shared some of our most successful resources with Saath and gave them guidance on why some resources are more successful than others.

Below are some pictures taken by CRTRC Programme Organiser Ashokbhai and Children’s Bank Organiser Alpeshbhai.

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