Wen Li Do Training

In Karchalyapara we held a Wen Li Do training day for girls from the Kumbharwada slum area of Bhavnagar. Twenty-two girls attended from the 8-11 age group. The session concentrated on how to identify someone who could be dangerous and what to do in a situation where you are in danger. They looked at three questions: 1. Establishing someone’s motives 2. Deciding if a place is safe or not 3. Who is a “responsible” person? Through looking at these they could decided who might be dangerous, where they could go in the event of a problem and who they could go to for help.

We used activities and discussion to look at these topics, such as role-play and our “dance floor” activity, where the girls are asked to make decisions about the safety of various situations using cards that are placed around the floor. The girls also played some games to help the proceedings such as ice breakers and the help game. Overall the session was very successful, as well as learning about personal safety, the girls had a good time and made new friends with each other. We often find that even smaller sessions such as this led to that last for long after the event has finished.


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