Rakshabandhan (Rakhi Festival)

Rakshabhandhan (brothers and sisters day) is an Indian festival where girls will give boys a rakhi (bracelet) to their friends to symbolise the strength  of friendship and “brotherhood”. It is common for friends to refer to each other as “brother” and “sister” in this festival as a way of showing a strong and lasting friendship.

Some of the Senior Team and Council members had spent some time at home before the event making their own rakhis , then in the afternoon all Balsena members were invited to a Rakhi Mela (rakhi fair) where the Senior Team and Council members helped the other children to make their own rakhis. In this mela the children learned to make 3 types of rakhi and we discussed the historical stories behind the festival that come from ancient Hindu texts. In total we had 275 children participating across the city in the various Balsena teams.

There are some photos at the event that was held at the Shaishav office below. To make the occaision as inclusive as possible, the boys wrote their names onto a slip of paper which were put into a pile. The girls then chose one of these names at random so ensure everyone got their fair share of rakhis!

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