Balsena Elections Part One

The election process has been running for a few days now, culminating in a final event where the children select their President and Vice President on the 1st of August. I though it would be good to explain a little about the election system for those of you that have not read the Balsena page on this website.

Balsena is made up of almost 2000 individual members. These children are organised into teams based on where their group is operating from. Some teams are based in schools, others based in our Balghars and others around our circle points (soon to be renamed “open centre”). This system of organisation means we can ensure children from the same team will regularly have contact with each other. Each team elects a Captain, Vice-Captain and two core members to plan activities and co-ordinate with other teams. It is for these 4 positions that elections are currently being held. Each team will meet with some Shaishav staff members who facilitate the process, and candidates will face a weighted average voting system. Later, the Team Captains and Vice-Captains will come together to form the Balsena Council who will elect a President and Vice-President.

Todays photographs are from a team election held yesterday (30th June) at Dolatanatvilaya school.

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