Balsena Election 2010

Dear Friends and Viewers,

Greetings from Shaishav!

Today we completed the 8th annual election process of Balsena. It was an extremely intense and enriching experience for the Balsena and Tarunsena members and the staff as well.

Every time we run this event we learn something new. Today’s major learning was that once we have inculcated some values strongly among children you cannot turn back time and undo them.

Riddhi is our new President and Rahul is the Vice-President. Once again a girl has been elected as the leader. In fact, it was the three girls who were standing who took the most votes. Rahul took the position as we try to ensure both genders are properly represented.

We will soon prepare a detailed report of the election process, including photos and perhaps video, and hope you may be able to give your feedback on the same.

In solidarity,

Parul and Falgun Sheth (on behalf of Shaishav).


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