Balsena Picnic in Malnath

On Tuesday we celebrated the festival of Jagannath, and as schools were closed for a one day holiday we decided to take some of our Balsena members to Malnath, a “Hill Station” just outside Bhavnagar. Malnath is a small oasis of calm just outside the city. It has several big hills (topped with wind generators) that have started to explode into green following the start of the monsoon (which we managed to avoid for the day!).

After arriving on the Shaishav bus, the kids were split into small groups and assigned to a member of staff so we could keep and eye on them! They then set off up the hill and split up to go on their own little adventures. Eventually a few groups managed to find each other again after some innovative signaling noises were invented on the spot. To better cope with the hot weather, water fights were rampant, and several staff members found themselves mercilessly drenched after some of the groups came accross a small pond.

After coming down from the hills, we drove out to a shady area next to a well for a picnic. Everyone had their own tiffins and so there was food sharing on a massive scale, leaving some children (Drushtiben) without their noodles! All agreed it was a great day and we hope to be able to do it again another time.

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