World Health Day 2010

Yesterday, 7th April 2010, was World Health Day and Shaishav joined in a global programme of activities with our own activities in Bhavnagar.

Shaishav staff and Balsena children took the Mobile Resource Centre down to the  Kumbharwada area of town where some of the most disadvantaged people in Bhavnagar live and work. We started by gathering the children together and marching a short distance around the slum area distributing leaflets containing general information about the WHO, healthcare and Shaishav. We then marched back to the MRC for as series of short drama workshops where Shaishav staff acted out short health care related scenarios, such as visiting the doctor, the effects of smoking etc. We’d covered the MRC with various posters and other resources and so when the drama workshop was over we let anyone who was nearby walk around the bus and discover for themselves the main points behind many healthcare related issues.

Overall it was a successful day. We seemed to gather at lot of interest from the community we were in, and hopefully managed to teach people some basic healthcare skills. Most of all everyone who was there seemed to have fun!

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