Signature Collection Campaign

A couple of days ago Shaishav hit the streets to collect signatures as part of a petition to make state governments enact and implement the new Right to Education Act. We set up camp in old Bhavnagar, not far from the market, and several groups walked around the area armed with clipboards and leaflets collecting signatures. As well as Shaishav staff members there were a number of Balsena children helping out while the event was observed by some key figures in the local education system.

The event was help in collaboration with the Child Right Collective Gujarat of which our director Parulben is a member, along with the Campaign Against Child Labour as part of a series of simultaneous events held nationwide.

Overall the day was a great success, and also a lot of fun! We haven’t counted up the total number of signatures yet but we estimate that it will be somewhere around 1,500. As soon as we have the numbers in we’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, you can find out some more about all of the above at some news sites here and here, and take a look at some photos under this post or in the media section of this site.

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