Right to Education Act 2009 comes into effect

Right to Education Act

Today, April 1st 2010, The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, enacted by Parliament in August 2009, has come into effect. Shaishav has been out on the streets this morning to tell as many people as possible about the act and what it means for children. We took the 2 Shaishav buses to several schools across Bhavnagar to inform the children of the rights they have been granted.

However, while the Right to Education Act is a step in the right direction, there are unfortunately some significant concerns to do with its implementation and details.

  1. Pre-primary education for the under-6 years children has not been brought under the purview of this Act.
  2. Education for children over the age of 14 has been omitted.
  3. Lack of provision for disabled children.
  4. Monitoring of education to Child Rights Commission: There are no Commissions constituted in many states. The existing Commissions do not have sufficient staff or support.
  5. Private Neighborhood school: It seems to be throwing schools to privatization.
  6. Little scope for alternative schooling.
  7. Little provision for children with learning disabilities.

Despite the many problems that still need to be addressed, the Right to Education Act is still an important step in providing free and equal education for all children in India.

You can find out more about the act in the Media section, as well as view photos from the event on this site or at our flickr page.

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