Tarunsena is our youth programme that caters for young people who have “graduated” from Balsena at the age of 18 until they are 25 years old. While this is a relatively new programme (running since 2008) we hope to see it grow into a larger organisation that can follow on from the activities of Balsena. It is divided into three main sub programmes:

  1. Peer Educator Programme – internship programme for children graduating from Balsena.
  2. Skill Development – Work related training for youths in non-hazardous skill sets.
  3. Job Shadow Programme – Youths from 7th, 8th and 9th standards gain work experience to gain exposure to career opportunities and plan their futures.

Tarunsena is more focused towards the needs of young adults and for this reason we aim to include more work and skill orientated activities in addition to the rights based empowerment programmes of Balsena.